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Ten Things We Must Do

Australia can Unite the World!

We have been facing unstable and uncertain times.

Famine, disease, and conflict has infected us near home and further abroad.

There is a way forward!

The more people are getting what they want:

-- The happier we can be

-- The greater the overall frequency of the planet

-- The more exciting our Golden Age can be

-- The more opportunity we have to ascend in One Human Race!.

To achieve a Unified World, a Unified Country, Unified Communities, Unified Family, and a Unified Self, WE MUST:

1. Independent Knowledge Bodies: Openly, transparently, and fairly share our knowledge on One, All, Science, and Spirit centrally and independently.

2. Focused Purpose: Maintain boundaries of Government, Religions, and Organisations that are focused on their purpose - providing an improved life for You, One and All.

3. Rewarded Services: Reward people for their Services beyond Financial measures - so there are more special benefits for those who help others.

4. Valuing Time: Assess Value Across Time, not just In Time - so we can ensure the health and safety of our planet now, and for generations to come.

5. Acknowledging All: Acknowledge one, One and All as part of this planet and our Universe - i.e. You and All other things are part of the One whole.

6. Science and Spirit Together: Acknowledge Science and Spirit as equal stakeholders in determining our paths forward - in this time and across all time.

7. Nobody Owns Gods Word: Proclaim that nobody owns the word of God - but acknowledge the Time, Identities, and Truths of the Teachers preaching in context.

8. Nobody Owns Space: Proclaim that nobody owns Space (including Land, Water, and Sky). While we must continue to cater for private, public, and secure Spaces, that can be bought, sold, traded, or passed on, we are ultimately utilising Space as one small part of All things, and must treat it with that respect - as Guardians.

9. Rights Protected: Ensure People have their rights protected - Physically, Virtually, Digitally, and Spiritually. Ensure that our Environments (Land, Water, and Sky), have rights protected. Ensure that All Life has Rights protected - now and forever more.

10. Needs, Wants, and Choices: Teach and empower People to have more options and choices in their lives. That YOU have the opportunity for your needs, wants, and desires to be fulfilled, within the lens of Being a part of One and All things.

The World to Come is nearing – how would you like to be involved?

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