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Unite One and All

Create a World of Wonder, Peace, Excitement, Love and Fun

Aboriginal Style Dot Painting

Unify and Ascend

We can unite the world.

We can end war.


This project includes every country on earth.

It includes All Land, All Sea and All the Sky. 

It includes more than 8 billion people.

It includes more than 8 million species of plant and animal.

It includes Life and Death. 

It includes You.


This is your opportunity to be a part of our greatest endeavour of all time!

For One, one and All. 


The Thing

Leadership, Governance, and Rights for All. 

We will unite the world.
We will end war.
We will bring peace.

We will define a New Age of Love! 

Our Story

We have existed since Time was born. 

We will continue throughout Space forever. 

This is your opportunity to live! 

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Our Mission

Ultimately, the World to Come - An era of World Peace. 

Ending Hatred, Oppression, and Suffering. 

Creating Paradise, Here on Earth, Now

​A world of Wonder, Peace, Excitement, Love, and Fun!
A world that is Safe, Secure, Protected, Connected, United, and Invited.
Need and Desire. 

What can you Imagine? 

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